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Aims and Objectives
At Noah’s Ark Nursery we aim to foster and develop the potential, skills and capabilities of each child in a stimulating and enriching environment by providing high quality and integrated early childhood learning and education program. Our curriculum is a stimulating combination of real-world, concrete and sensorial experiences where the young learners can see, taste, touch, hear and smell, thereby striking an interesting balance between learning and playing.

We at Noah’s Ark Nursery, believe that each child is special and unique and also gifted in his/her own way. The teachers at Noah’s Ark Nursery provide both formal and informal learning programs based on child’s individual needs.

The early years of a child’s life lays down the foundation for his/her future development ------ Physical, Intellectual, Social and Emotional. Our objective is to build a healthy and constructive partnership with the parents to develop key learning skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing in each child. Guidance from experts helps children in their journey of learning into a bright and successful tomorrow.

Personal, Social and Emotional Development:
The focus is on learning how to play and cooperate with others. We encourage their ability to understand and express their feelings and also their beliefs and traditions of different cultures. This enables us to build their confidence and self - esteem in meeting new people and facing different challenges and situations with aplomb.

Communication, Language and Literacy
Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing skills are developed through songs, rhymes, stories and poems. The learning of Alphabets is made fun and exciting by using colorful Flash Cards and fun Alphabet worksheets. Language Development is encouraged with the aid of interesting and innovative organized games, circle time and story- telling sessions.

Mathematical Knowledge and Understanding
Children are encouraged to gain practical experience in simple mathematical concepts such as comparing, sorting, matching, sequencing, counting with concrete objects, patterns, shapes etc. We also aim to foster and develop the counting skills and number recognition with the aid of apparatus such as number puzzles, beads, blocks and construction toys etc.

Physical Development
It is vital for children to develop gross motor skills and fine motor skills to control their bodies. Gross motor skills which have to do with the large muscles of the body are developed through activities like outdoor play, jumping, running, climbing, playing on bicycles, playing with toy cars, hoops and dance movement sessions. Fine Motor Skills which have to do with the fine muscles of the body are developed through activities such as exploring a wide range of puzzles, play dough, threading the beads, buttoning boards, lacing activities and basically handling and picking up small objects.

Creative Development
Children are encouraged to participate in a wide range of arts and crafts, thereby giving them an opportunity to explore colors, textures and shapes. Children are also involved in singing rhymes, poems and songs related to the monthly themes.

Knowledge and Understanding of the World
Children are encouraged to develop an understanding of the environment which they inhabit and also develop an understanding of the features of Natural and Man- Made world. Such knowledge lays down the foundation for imbibing concepts in science, geography, history in the later stages of schooling.