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Parents' Corner
Health and Hygiene Corner
  1. 1. You can send the following food items in the child’s snack box.
    1.     (a) Sandwiches, Rolls and Wraps (brown or whole meal) ---- cutting them in interesting shapes and sizes to make it inviting for children.
    2.     (b) Pasta, Rice and Potato Salads
    3.     (c) Freshly cooked vegetables
    4.     (d) Fresh fruits such as Apple, Grapes, Kiwi, Banana, Watermelon and Pineapple
    5.     (e) Protein rich snacks
    6.     (f) Yoghurt

  2. Avoid the following:
    Sweets, chips, chocolates, candies, nuts, fizzy drinks, deep fried foods and processed meat.

  3. 2. Kindly change the food items sent in the snack box daily.
  4. 3. Ensure that the child’s bag, snack box and water bottle are clean.
  5. 4. Ensure that the child is not bringing coins, pins, beads or sharp instruments to school.
  6. 5. Ensure that your child is not wearing valuables to school. The school cannot be held responsible for lost property.