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We offer preschool programs that are developmentally appropriate with an integral approach to foster all-round development in a child and help the child to grow physically, intellectually, socially and emotionally.

Our school has established a tradition for the last 17 years of achieving high standards of excellence within a caring, supportive and enriching environment where all children are encouraged to do their best.

Research shows that children have better comprehension and retention because our material is presented in a manner best suited for their development stage.

This program is suitable for children in the age group of 1.4 years to 2 years. Our guiding philosophy for the playgroup program is to enable your child to master the skills needed to succeed in school and in life. Our Playgroup program introduces your child to a structured day with stimulating activities, opportunities of group interaction as he/she travels on the path of self-discovery. Children spend a major portion of the day singing, dancing, laughing, playing and exploring both indoors and outdoors.

Our monthly themes and curriculum have been designed to develop motor, cognitive, social and emotional, language, aesthetic skills in your child. We at Noah’s Ark Nursery, encourage each child to learn, grow and discover at his/her pace.

This program is suitable for children in the age-group of 2 years to 4 years. We, at Noah’s Ark Nursery, believe that children are like flowers and they need to be cultivated, watered and cared for. We focus on their overall development through an integrated learning process and conducive learning environment.

Lower Nursery:
Our Lower Nursery program imparts skills such as pre-reading, pre-writing, pre-math, social skills in a rational and logical sequence that enables children to learn and develop one step at a time. Monthly themes, weekly topics and daily activities encourage curiosity, self-initiative and persistence in each child. The curriculum is designed in such a manner that focuses not only on imparting academic skills but also gives numerous opportunities to children to explore and understand the world they live in.

Activities such as art, music, role play, dramatic play, puppet play and social interaction help our nursery children to develop their creativity and self esteem. Each accomplishment fills them with pride and instills in them “I can do it” attitude and also a desire to learn more.

Upper Nursery:
In Upper Nursery, we encourage children to realize their potential and capabilities while learning, growing and developing at their own pace. A lot of emphasis is laid on activities that promote language development and enables them to verbalize their thoughts, feelings and impressions of their environment. Children are encouraged and motivated to observe and be aware of their environment. We provide them with ample opportunities to be active learners and develop curiosity, self – initiative and persistence.